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G&Z Enterprises is the only professional pantograph manufacturer for metro, light rail, city tram and railway trains in North America.

About G&Z

As North America's only professional pantograph manufacturer for metro, light rail, city tram and rail way trains, our goal is to continue maximizing our customers' satisfaction by creating top quality products through continuous innovation to bring safe, efficient and sustainable rail transportation globally.

Since 2008, G&Z has built an extensive portfolio of top quality pantographs, integrated control systems and major components and accessories for the vehicles. Through effective management, advanced facilities and scientific testing methods, our company is amongst the market leaders in the rail industry. Our Chief Engineer has been in the pantograph industry for over 28 years, bringing along strong expertise in designing and manufacturing pantographs. Our skilled technicians and employees all strive to achieve the very best by producing reliable products that are a hybrid of advanced technology and top grade materials. All our pantograph technical parameters meet the international IEC standard and are adapted globally, reaching China, South America, Middle East and Europe.

Our pantographs suitable for all types of light rail usage include:

Each of our systems will enhance the performance, reliability and stability of the pantograph, including:

  • ADD Pneumatic System*
  • ADD Failure Recovery System*
  • Air Duct Module Control System*
  • Auxiliary Air Supply System*
  • Catenary Monitoring System*
  • Electrical Control System*

Major components and accessories for pantographs include:

  • Anode Releasing Unit
  • Bonded Carbon Current Collector
  • Insulators
  • SGT-3 Testing Analysis Unit
  • Air Reservoir
  • Driver Assembly Control Box
  • First Time Raising Device
  • Flexible Shaft
  • Grounding Device
  • Linear Actuator
  • Mobile Tester
  • Oil Cylinder