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The Leading Pantograph Maker in North America

Top Quality Pantographs

G&Z Enterprises is the only professional pantograph manufacturer for metro, light rail, city tram and railway trains in North America.

Pantographs for Electric Locomotive

GSL-120 Pantograph

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G&Z-LRT2PH Pantograph
GSL-100 Pantograph
GSQ-100 Pantograph
CATR-100 Pantograph

Pantograph Major Components and Accessories

Bonded Carbon Current Collector
First Time Raising Device
Foot pump with Double Cylinder
Grounding Devic
SGT-3 Test Analysis Unit
Mobile Tester
Anode Releasing Device
Flexible Shaft Assembly
Linear Actuator
Oil Cylinder
Air Reservoir
Driver Assembly
Power Rail Grounding Device



Pantograph Package Options

Automatic Drop Down System
Air Circuit Control System
Pneumatic ADD System
ADD Failure Recovery System
Auxiliary Air-Supply System
Electrical Control System
Dynamic Monitoring System